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System Info:

As an alternative to the Pyronix system we also offer the Powermax Complete System from Visonic. Similar in design and operation to the Enforcer this system also offers a cost effective signalling option where it can be programmed to send a voice message to a mobile or landline telephone number.

A quality product designed by Visonic for professional installation we are so confident in it we supply it with a full two year warranty against any manufacturer defect. In the event the panel fails within this time we will replace it free of charge. This warranty extends to all parts of the system but does not cover battery replacement out with the first year.

As with our other wireless solutions it comes with a wide range of peripherals which are supplied and installed as necessary to provide you premises with complete protection.

System Details

Like the Enforcer system the Powermax is custom designed to match your needs. At the heart of the system is the award winning range of Powermax Control Panels featuring two way wireless technology providing outstanding reliability.

In addition your system will be fitted with at least one wirefree MCS-740 external electronic sounder and strobe ensuring a visible deterrent to any would be intruders.

Door sensors, Infra-red movement detectors and shock sensors will be fitted as necessary to ensure your premises remains secure with additional safety sensors such as smoke, CO2 sensors and flood sensors and temperature sensors are available if required.
The system is simple to operate and is turned on and off either by entering a code to the control panel or by using the remote control fobs.

The system has an on board voice module which literally speaks you through the steps to take to set or unset the system.

As with all systems we install the Powermax allows for partition setting meaning that if you wish to just set part of the system for example downstairs at night, then the system can be configured to allow you to do this.
Although for the majority of customers an audible alarm system is sufficient the Powermax can send a voice message to a mobile or landline telephone to advise of activations or other system generated conditions. The system also has the capability to provide the additional security of alarm activation notification to either an Alarm Receiving Centre or direct via sms text message to a user’s mobile telephone. These options can be discussed with your security surveyor if required.
Each sensor is fitted with a long life battery. Although it is not possible to indicate exactly how long a sensor battery will last due to the fact that this depends on how frequently the sensor is activated normal battery life is between 18 and 24 months. The control unit monitors battery life and alerts the user when a battery is running low. Diagnostic checks during routine maintenance also monitor battery capacity. In general battery life is slightly better than with other similar systems.
We are so confident in the quality and reliability of this product that we guarantee it for 2 years form the date of installation against any product defect, in addition to this should any battery fail within 18 months this will be replaced free of charge.

Maintenance cover is available with various options from annual service and sensor battery replacement for £30.00 to annual maintenance, battery replacement and full parts and labour warranty for £65.00 per year.

Alternatively you can take the system without any maintenance and carry out your own battery replacement which is simple however any repair work outside the warranty period would incur a charge of £30.00 plus parts.
Cost of popular systems.
Although your premises would require a survey below is a list of prices for our most popular installation types.

System 1 (typically a small flat or house)
Control Unit, Sounder, 3 PIR movement sensors and 1 door contact sensor
Total cost supply and installation £449.00

System 2 (typically medium sized two storey house) Control Unit, Sounder, 4 PIR movement sensors, 2 door contacts and 2 remote control fobs.
Total cost supply and installation £630.00

System 3 (typically 4 bedroom two storey house)
Control Unit, Sounder 1 PIR movement sensor, 2 door contacts, 6 shock sensors to cover downstairs windows and 2 remote control fobs.
Total cost supply and installation £720.00

The above prices are as per the above systems with no added extras however if one of the above systems does not quite meet your needs then simply add the following to the price as required.

Additional PIR or Door Contact £45.00
Additional shock sensor £52.00
Additional remote control fob £35.00

All above includes installation and full two year warranty.
Contact us for a survey as often customers require fewer sensors than they assume.